Getting started...

A lot of people ask us how we started June Sixteenth Events | Florals and our answer is always "we just....started." Now I know that is an eye rolling answer, and if I had asked someone how they got started prior to our launching and they would have told me that - I would have done a full body eye roll.  But it's really the truth. 

Now that's not to say that we just leapt without looking - but the biggest hurdle, and also the simplest, is to just. start. Here are some steps we took when starting our creative-based business:

  1. Figure out what brings you joy, creatively. For us it's planning events and creating florals - for you it could be anything.  What doesn't feel like work, but more like fun. 
  2. Identify what your core values are - what do you need to do to operate your business in a way that you're proud of, and that fulfills you. Ps. remind yourself of these core values because it can be easy to lose sight of them in the grind.  We take a second before every big meeting, shoot, event, etc. and touch back on ours. 
  3. Research.  This is a great tool to help you verify what you may already know, and show you new things you'd never thought of. 
  4. Ask all the questions - don't worry about looking stupid, you're new to this so you can't possibly know everything. We've met so many great "friendors" already that have been more than will to answer our questions when we asked. 
  5. Be willing to put in the work. 
  6. Buy a ton of cute office supplies (ok ok, not totally necessary but they'll make you feel fancy).

Starting a creative-based business is scary for sure, but it's also been so very fulfilling.  We'd love to hear any comments you have on starting your own business, creative or otherwise.  And here's hoping you've been inspired to just...get started :)